My Lady Locks


I much prefer "bare" rather than "hair", but during Lock-down it's not been possible to have my normal beauty parlour waxing. So, subsequently, my "Lady Garden" just grows and grows!!!

So ... I've decided to take matters into my own hands and regularly trim my pubes back as closely as I can. So if I'm not as completely smooth and "bare", as I normally would be, my garden can at least be tidy ... and my lips and pussy a little more easily acceptable for my daily "me-time" fun.

And, as a special treat for you all, I shall collect my trimmed locks each time I cut them back and then place them into a sealed zip-lock bag ... to keep my personal scents fresh and sweet ... so that you can feel and smell them too.

But don't wait too long ... because surely this lock-down can't last too much longer can it ???