The Modesty Ablaze Diaries Unboxed


The Modesty Ablaze Diaries Unboxed - Compendium Parts 2 to 5 - Hotwife, Swinging, Open-Relationship, Cuckold, Extra-Marital Affairs

“The Modesty Diaries” are exclusive excerpts from the real-life diaries of Katie Ellison, a late-50’s wife, mother . . . lover, swinger and hotwife . . . enjoying the love and freedom of living in an open relationship with her Husband of over 35 years.

These extracts are not fiction, but real life accounts of her occasional affairs, swinging adventures and encounters over the past decade. Therefore, these books are narrated completely in the first person, and are not published in the expectation of comparison to fantasy-erotic novels.

"Modesty Unboxed" is four diaries in one, comprising of "Part 2 - Arrivals & Departures";
"Part 3 - The Balcony";
"Part 4 - A Naughty Surprise" and
"Part 5 - My Cougar Moment".

87pp Printable PDF and Kindle and Ebook Compatible