The Diaries of a London Hotwife


Discover just how my Journey began ... all those years ago. From a secret office-affair, to an amazing Open-Lifestyle relationship with my Hubby (of now over 37 years!), to Swinging Parties, to Fetish Clubs, wonderfully fun FemDom Dominatrix Mistressing sessions ...

Compiled from my personal ... initially hand-written ... personal diaries - The Journey is Part One of my amazingly fun, fulfilling and empowering journey ... so far.

Available here in PDF format ... readable on Kindle's and Ebook readers ... and fully printable.

There are SEVEN more Diaries soon to be added here ... and an EIGHTH diary in progress.

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Extract from "Part 1 - The Journey" Personal Diaries of a London Hotwife:
With every thrust my lover was sending me further into my cocoon, my own world of warmth and explosion. I was vaguely aware of the occasional flashing of a camera, my husbands camera, and above my gasps and moans, and the rising grunts of my young lover thrusting above me, I could hear the clicks of the lens!!

As I felt the orgasm rising within me, memories of the past two decades started flashing through my mind. Reflections of the first times, the first lovers, the first steps that had started me on this wonderous, exciting, intoxicating . . . and yes, addictive . . . journey.

My screams as the waves of my climax burst over me and the gasps of my lover into my ear as he collapsed into my shoulder, brought me back to the present with an engulfing rush.

We twisted and squeezed together and rolled over onto our sides, shuddering apart and then cuddling together again in a warm and wet embrace. Wet with our tongues and wet between my legs and on my tummy as I felt the stickiness of his condom rubbing against me.

His hands caressed my shoulder as I scratched my nails gently down his back and delighted in his purring moans in my ear.

Hubby leant over us to kiss my cheek and stroke his fingers through my hair. “Incredible, just beautiful” he whispered to the both of us. I opened my eyes to see the same glints of recognition and remembering that I knew must be sparkling back at him in my own.

So ... I hope you will read ... and enjoy ... how my journey began !!!

Xxx - Mistress Modesty