I call this my “Swingers” Wrap because I have worn it quite a number of times on evenings out with Hubby to our local Swingers Club . . . . Where it always attracts lots and lots of nice comments!!!

As you can see, it is completely sheer and see through, so I know you may not be able to wear it under your normal “office” clothes as you would a pair of my #usedpanties. BUT . . . I’m sure you could wear it around the house at home, knowing I’ve had it tightly wrapped around my (otherwise naked) boobies, as I’ve “strutted my stuff” as Hubby calls it, at the Club.

Although it normally doesn’t stay on for very long, it will still have some nice “scents” on it, as I generally find myself lying back on it as I . . . well, you know . . . Play!

Anyway . . . I’m sure you could have lots and lots of fun with it yourself, wrapping it around your . . . !!!

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