Modesty Unmasked Diary Ebook


The Modesty Ablaze Diaries - Part 7 - Modesty Unmasked - Hotwife, Swinging, Open-Relationship, Cuckold, Extra-Marital Affairs
PDF Ebook Erotic Diary

I’d opened his trousers now. I lifted his fingers to my mouth again, and then down to where I’d been enjoying them so much minutes before.

I was stroking him with one hand and sliding the other round behind him to push his trousers and pants down over his bum. They fell down to his ankles and I pulled away from him again and crouched down to pull at his shoes.

“Step out of them” I told him as I pulled them off and then guided his trouser legs over and under each foot. As I straightened back up again, I paused to lick, and then suck for a moment ...

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