These are just lovely aren’t they? A gorgeous “tingly”, and Bright Pink!!!

And, they have a lovely tight gusset . . . which is just bound to soak up ALL my scents and juices.

But, I haven’t actually worn them yet . . . wouldn’t you just love to be the first gentleman that I wear them for???

And, don’t forget to request some of my “sexciting extras” . . . to personalise them even more. Come-on, you know you want to!!!

Tribute just £18
NB: Why not add one of my Sexciting “extras” - Such as worn an extra 24 hours £8; ... Or Worn in one of my Femdom Sessions for £10; ... Or Pee-ed in for you £10 which includes a FREE “wet-view” video clip. Just Scroll to the relevant "Add Sexciting Option" panel to select your choice !!!