If you are not sure how you’d look in my Fuchsia or Coral Pink . . . but know you don’t want Black . . . . then how about these simple, but stylish (of course, because they belong to me!!!), Slate Grey Panties?

They have nice, tightly fitting back panels . . . almost but not quite, sheer . . . which lovingly caress my bum cheeks, as I’m sure they will yours. And the front is stylishly sheer with re-inforcing vertical stripes which will wonderfully constrain your manhood, despite probably still being damp from my juices!!!

And the front is nicely finished-off, with a subtle but lovely little bow, which will delightfully sit just above that straining manhood of yours that I’ve just mentioned.

“Straining” because I’m sure you’ll be very excited to be smelling and wearing me . . . won’t you???

Tribute just £18
NB: Why not add one of my Sexciting “extras” - Such as worn an extra 24 hours £8; ... Or Worn in one of my Femdom Sessions for £10; ... Or Pee-ed in for you £10 which includes a FREE “wet-view” video clip.
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