Mistress Modesty's Fun Store

I am a London housewife (married over 40 years), swinger, hotwife and over the past seven years . . . (in my spare-time LOL!!!) . . . a Femdom Mistress.

My continually developing "open" lifestyle has given me wonderful fun, enjoyment and fulfilment over the years . . . and I've always enjoyed meeting new and different people . . . and trying new and different things.

My journey and exploration through all those new experiences and adventures . . . especially my Swinging and Mistressing fun . . . has meant that I have met some wonderful people and enjoyed the most amazing and fun times. More amazing than I could ever have imagined.

And lots of those friends that I have met in my swinging and femdom adventures, soon began asking me to leave behind my panties, or stockings and tights . . . as souvenirs!!!

So as the main criteria for EVERYTHING I do is to have fun and make sure the people I am with at the time have fun as well . . . the idea of sending people my used panties, pantyhose . . . and even my used sex-toys . . . is certainly fun. Hence my new shop here at my website.